Radio Holder Combo Sets - SAVE $

Radio Holders & Combo Sets

Your radio is a very important tool to have, especially in emergencies. That’s why our fantastic radio holders and combo sets allow you to always have easy access to your devices so you can save precious time communicating in the field. We carry several different options so you can pick the one that’s perfect for you!

Secure and Comfortable Design

As an emergency worker, there are many times where you need to get somewhere in a hurry. When you’re running, it’s uncomfortable to have equipment bouncing around or coming undone, causing you to slow down or even stop. Our radio holder sets securely fasten your radio and keep it snug so that you don’t have to worry about it falling out all while remaining very comfortable.

Keep Your Radio Ready

These radio holders are perfect for any job that requires you to be in close contact with your team. Having access to your radio is essential to coordinating any kind of group response in a dangerous situation. With the help of one of these radio holders, you’ll never leave your radio behind again!

FireStoreOnline Standard

At FireStoreOnline, we hold all of our products to a very high standard to ensure that all emergency workers are prepared for anything they encounter on the job. We have been in the business since 1998 and are proud to help in any way we can. So, if you have questions, be sure to reach out through our contact page or over the phone at 1 (866) 699-8084 for help.

Having quality radio holder sets makes a difference -  see for yourself!

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