Radio Straps & Accessories - RED FINISH (NEW!)

Radio Straps & Accessories - RED FINISH (NEW!)

Red Portable Radio Holders, Straps & Accessories - NEW!

Check out the BRAND NEW portable radio holders we have at FireStoreOnline! This equipment features a striking red finish and sturdy design that makes them must-have items for any firefighter. Say goodbye to clunky and uncomfortable radio holders and straps without spending a fortune.

Designed for the Job

These red radio holders don’t just look great - they work well, too! Made entirely in the USA, they are crafted from durable leather that is guaranteed to hold up to the many stresses of the job. The metal on the straps are rust and corrosion resistant, keeping your radios totally secure. Buying durable equipment helps to avoid having to replace them constantly!

All The Pieces You Need

Thanks to our convenient selection and firefighter, law enforcement, and EMS products, you can get everything you need for your portable radio holders. Whether you’re just looking for one piece or need the whole set, you can find everything you need right here at FireStoreOnline. All of our products are widely compatible with common pieces of equipment, so you should have no problem working them into your existing set-up.

Quality You Can Trust

Perfect Fit has been making leather products for years now, and we are happy to partner with them. When you shop from FireStoreOnline, you’re getting quality tools you can trust will work while out on the job. Do you have any questions? Get in touch with us today at 1 (866) 699-8084 or through our contact page.

Our red radio holders are sure to have a huge impact on the job. Get yours today!

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