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Cell Phone Cases For Your Duty Belt

Are you looking for a cell phone case for a police duty belt that works effectively with your uniform? Look no further! We offer several different cases for your cell phone, making it easier than ever to have your phone with you while keeping both hands free. Keeping a phone in your pocket while you’re moving around a lot can be uncomfortable and even limit your movement. That problem is eliminated with the right carrying case!

Carrying Cases

Our carrying cases are built with heavy duty clips that make it easy to attach to your belt. This means you can run and move around quickly without worrying about it falling off. A velcro-secured flap keeps your phone safely tucked inside until you’re ready for it. The case is built to last and will hold up for long periods of time.

Phone Case

Do you want to show your pride and support for local law enforcement?  If you’re looking for an off-duty phone case, we also offer simple designs that really make your phone stand out. Choose from a couple “thin blue line” designs that show support for law enforcement while simultaneously protecting your phone. You can even custom order a case!

FireStoreOnline Standard

Phones are becoming more and more valuable, so it’s important to protect them. All of our case options meet our high standards, so you can breathe easy and know that your device is protected. If you have any questions or would like to order a cell phone case for your police duty belt or any other item we carry, please call us at 1(866) 699-8084 or visit our contact page.Keep your phone on you at all times with one of our cell phone carrying cases!

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