Hurricane Preparation Guide

Due to the amount of severe hurricanes our country has been facing, we at FireStoreOnline thought it be a good idea to post some key information in regards to preparation for hurricanes. Those of us who have experienced the swarms of people and Mad Max like scurrying for resources and supplies, we understand how hectic and stressful these times can be.

Communication Plan

First off, developing a family communication plan for these situations is paramount. It’s important to have a plan established so that you know your loved ones are safe and our able to stay in touch.

●Identify safe meeting places both in your community and away from your community.

●Each family member should have a list of important contact numbers via written or stored in your phone. You could even label these contacts with ICE in your mobile contacts.

●Designate a friend or relative as the point person for everyone to contact and check in with.

If telephone service is disruptive try using different forms of communication. For example, text, social media or apps such as Zello.

Evacuation Plan

Where you will go? 

●How you will get there.

●What you will bring.

●What you will do with your pets

●Identify a Shelter in Place, a place where you will evacuate to and can ensure that you have supplies available to remain comfortable for at least 3 days.

Emergency Kit

As you may be aware, hurricanes can cause flooding, power outages, etc. This why it is important to insure you have the necessary supplies for your Shelter in Place. Here is a list of items you may consider:

●Bottled Water

●Shelf-Stable Food

●Flashlights (Check out our selection of Streamlight Flashlights)


●A Radio

●First Aid Kit / Sanitation Items

●Important Documents and Records



●A Fully Charged Cell Phone / Back up charger

●Medications / Medical Supplies (Developing a "Medical Bag" that is packed and ready to go is great for planning)

●Pet Foods and Items

Stay Informed

While the weather stations do provide great local information, I would invite you to consider checking into NOAA National Hurricane Center to remain informed of the hurricanes status.

Here are some additional tools to consider:

●Social Media

●Local Emergency Notification Systems

Ensuring the safety of your loved ones and friends is paramount when preparing for a hurricane. We at FireStoreOnline encourage you to prepare for these severe storms ahead of time. Please shares these tips to friends and family members.