The Store With More

Ever wonder just where exactly our emergency response personnel get their uniforms? Most people assume it’s like any other job, where the uniforms are supplied from some storage closet to the left of the streak free window cleaner. However, different uniforms for professions such as firefighters, police, and EMTs actually come from specialty stores. It’s not just the clothing either; the life saving tools of a paramedic, the crisp clean parade uniforms of the police force and the special heat resist gear of fire fighters can all be found at these locations. Sure, we started with cool fire department t-shirts from all over the world and today we're the #1 firefighter t-shirt source with over 500 exclusive designs.

It’s Bigger on the Inside

One fantastic store for professional uniform needs is Don’t let the name fool you however; has considerably more to offer than just fire fighting equipment. This store offers an unexpected amount of uniform and gear for every type of emergency personnel that you might not find anywhere else.


Armed and Ready

When it comes to procuring equipment, the police officer needs be particularly picky. The amount of equipment he has to carry is an issue in and of itself. Couple that with making sure that everything works and is easy to get to at a moment’s notice, and you begin to see the dilemma. Fire Store Online offers a wide line of easily adjustable belts in both leather and nylon with a full compliment of attachments to adjust the belt as needed. As well as belts and holsters, other important items are up for sale, including body armor, personal defense gear, and anything else that might be required in the line of duty. Impressively, Fire Store Online even offers badge customization services as well as personalized insignias, as well as commendation awards and accessories.


Dressed for Success

It’s not something we think of on a daily basis, but emergency response personnel get put through the wringer, especially when there’s bad weather at play. Standing outside in the blistering cold while diverting traffic from an accident might seem like a little occurrence, but when it takes hours to get the wreck cleared, that can really put a hurting on a lot of people. Fortunately, the layers of element resistant clothing are readily available from Fire Store Online. Rain, snow, fire, and everything in between is ready to keep the fire fighters cool and everyone else warm and dry during the worst case scenarios.

The Gift that Keeps on Giving

It’s amazing to think of all that emergency personnel do for us. Without them, our way of life simply would not exist. If you or someone you know works tirelessly to keep us safe, consider picking up a little something to show your appreciation. After all, keeping them comfortable makes it easier for them to keep us safe, a gift that keeps on giving. Whatever you might need for your uniformed friends, has your needs covered.